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Are these real likes?

Yes. Every YouTuber who clicks "Like" on your video will be a real person who decides to like your video on their own accord. We don't use software or programs to automate this in any way.

Why are likes so important?

YouTube's algorithm checks many different variables on YouTube, from subscriber count to comments to the number of views a video has. YouTube likes is one of the most important metrics that it takes into consideration when ranking a video, and videos that have a high number of likes are (in YouTube's eyes) more likely to satisfy whoever is searching for it. What do you think YouTube prefers to show you, a video with lots of likes, or a video with lots of dislikes? This is the power of getting more video likes.

Should I purchase likes in conjunction with comments?

Absolutely. Cultivating engagement means buying both comments and likes; if you have a video with very few likes and lots of comments, or a ton of comments and no likes, not only is it going to look strange to YouTube, but it's going to look strange to your subscribers. Its important to keep a good balance between the number of likes, comments, and views on your video.

How many likes should I get?

As many as you need. If you want to market your video more aggressively, a larger campaign will help your video rank faster. However, if your video has zero views and you've just published it, start smaller (unless you already have a larger profile and your videos are used to getting that many likes).

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