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Five Design Tools To Improve Your Facebook Page

James Parsons • Updated on October 10, 2021
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Tired of the same old Facebook image? Want a page that says, uplift instead of downshift? The traditional ways to spruce up a website don’t apply to Facebook since it is a template rather than an original site. In this event, it is best to apply a little ingenuity, creative vision, and breadth in order to create the image that you want.

  1. Panoramic profile: Consider switching your profile shot to a panorama instead of a profile of you or picture of your latest Thanksgiving dinner. Something from the natural world that reflects you, your vision, and individuality can be very uplifting or expand someone’s understanding of who you actually are, which is what Facebook is all about. What are you like as a person? What do you wish others to see? What do you value?
  2. With this idea in mind–of using Facebook to expand others’ understanding or perception of you–you might consider choosing a quote that speaks particularly to your life philosophy, kind of a re-creation of your high school or college yearbook. Who are you and which aspect of yourself do you wish to accentuate for others to enjoy or experience? Some say we define ourselves by our friends; others say by our words; but until we know ourselves, see ourselves fully, and have multiple perspectives on that self we tend to spin our wheels in self-growth. The small act of choosing a quote can be a step in the direction of self-definition.
  3. Photo albums can be fun. They can be expressive, interesting, engaging, and play to your moods while allowing others some access to your personal life or belief system. Choosing pictures from unusual sources or including things that inspire you in an inspiration file can really help you to come into your own in terms of self understanding and expression, and can give others whom you care about, a window on to your world.
  4. Posting photographs from the internet and your life, as well as philosophic beliefs or quotes, can be like a stream-of-consciousness writing exercise that others can partake in, enjoy, or follow along with. People who don’t know you well may not know why a particular item in this stream of data is important to you, but overall a theme can be traced across time that can help you to present your life view for others to experience. This can help others to access your worldview, and maybe even shake up or change theirs. Posting-music-videos-or-movies-on-facebook1
  5. Posting music videos or movies on your Facebook wall can be an amazing way to connect with others or show what you value in terms of your aesthetic. We all have one though we may not be aware of what that could be. What you choose, in general, defines who you are and who you will actually become. Every choice that you make determines the future you–as well as your next reality. In this way, we are always unfolding on to ourselves. Music video can be a great form of therapy and self-expression; you can even choose to share music video as comments on others’ walls and bring this into other people’s lives, as a stream or river of energy to inspire, uplift, teach, comfort, motivate, or challenge someone else. In this interplay, natural to our lives as humans, we are constantly shifting our world and personal lens from the cosmic to the microcosmic. Nowhere else do you see this shift as in what we choose to spend our time doing. Movie trailers can serve the same kind of role, helping to open windows on to worlds other than ours. A movie can say more than a thousand words of advice; film is a powerful medium that changes and transforms our thinking and our lives.

No matter which approach you choose, remember that life is neither a game; neither is it an elaborate riddle or puzzle merely. Life is a journey, and like our faces over time, our lives tell stories, intersect, and depart, inspire, and break our own hearts. Facebook is one way to share the particular journey with others. It can be meaningful and self-evaluative as well as instructive if we let it be.


  1. Tom Leat


    Panoramic profile picture is an interesting idea. Too bad the preview will only show a small (and likely un-interesting) portion of it.

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